Swiss Roll / Roulade Cake Flavor Ideas

5 all natural homemade cakes

I was experimenting with natural flavors and colors in the format of rolled cake over the past months. From first to second row and left to right are:

  1. Brown sugar cake + ginger and nutmeg orange yam paste (yeah like Jo Malone’s Ginger & Nutmeg)
  2. Black sesame cake + black sesame whipped cream
  3. Vanilla cake + milky purple yam paste
  4. Lemon zest cake + lemon curd
  5. Matcha green tea cake + adzuki red bean paste and whipped cream


They were all easy to make and all good. I’m making them again so that I can write down the recipes. I’m making these again to write down the recipes. Which one should I try again first? Let me know!

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