Something fun to do with the leftover yam based rolled cake filling

Mont Blanc inspired. Can I call them Mont Violet and Mont Orange?

This is a continuing post of my previous post about cake flavors. So with my whipping cream expiring soon and not having enough filling paste left at hand, I decided to experiment with something fun. Hmm… rolled cake consists of round slices and yam paste is hearty and creamy. Maybe a different version of Mont Blanc alike pastry? This way I could also test my $1.5 piping set from Daiso the Japanese dollar store. The set didn’t come with a small size round tip so I used the star one to mimic the fine pipped lines commonly seen on Mont Blanc. I brushed Rum and maple syrup mixture on each cake layer for a hint of delicacy. And this was totally experimental that I sprinkled some reflective edible flakes (Winton’s White Cake Sprinkles and Silver Start Edible Accents) and icing sugar to make it more picture interesting. Tried to give them the feel of a heart warming treat when the weather is getting cold. I could image these 2 little cakes be the perfect companion for cups of hot Chai latte. Below are the results. Can I call them Mont Violet and Mont Orange?

The yam paste was actually a bit too stiff to pipe. I was worried about it being too oily so I didn’t add any more cream. I might try to add more milk next time. Both icing sugar and the White Cake Sprinkles were absorbed by the paste quickly. Crushed nuts or decorative caramel crisp are definitely better choices. More natural and healthier too. As before I’ll need to try a couple more times to publish the recipes. Which one should I make again first? Let me know!


Mont Violet


Mont Orange


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